Me + You: Valentine’s Day Cards

hugh bunnies Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and although it’s a long-lingering cliché attached to the holiday, it seems all too true that it’s the greeting card industry trying to get a hand in your pocket by telling you it might well result with one in your pants.

So why not do something different and consider one from the ‘Me+You’ series that we had Sardinian-born designer Barbara Pala illustrate?

Featuring iconic, stylish, and inexplicable couples; from the destructive combination of Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, to the suspiciously close ‘friendship’ of Bert & Ernie, there’s a card that’s perfect for whoever might have your heart.

kurt courtney Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

black swan Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

hans leia Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

bert ernie Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

kanye kanye Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

forest jenny Me + You: Valentines Day Cards

john yoko Me + You: Valentines Day Cards


Barbara Pala
Barbara Pala is a Sardinian-born artist, fashion designer, and (it's rumored) robot. Barbara’s ideal method of work is freelance collaborations, having collaborated with many companies, including most recently with O-Nami Product Design for Sisley Home. She divides her time between Sardinia and Milan, Italy.
Barbara Pala

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    • These are just digital, but maybe we’ll run off a print run for some loyal readers and friends next year? Who knows? We’re already looking at new couples; Sid & Nancy, JFK & Jackie…

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