The Ultimate Winter Survival Guide

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Unless you’re relaxing poolside in southern Florida, you’re probably dealing with some nasty inclement weather. Arctic blasts. Snow. Sleet. Below freezing temperatures. You know. All the fun elements that Mother Nature throws at us during the winter. But, it’s time to fight back. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t stay cozy and stylish until spring comes back around.

To help you tackle winter, here are 12 items that you’ll need to make up the ultimate winter survival guide.


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A beanie is an absolute must. While you don’t lose as much body heat through the top of your head as you were told as child, a beanie will keep your head and ears nice and toasty. Beanies are readily available, Barbour and Ralph Lauren have nice selections, so select several beanies that match with the rest of your outfit. And, skip the ones with excessive logos. You’re a man. Not a boy showing off his favorite sports team.


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If you’re sporting a pea coat, for example, a scarf is another definite accessory. Besides protecting your neck from the elements, a scarf adds some depth, layers and flare to your ensemble. While scarves are another piece readily available, try to find some that are double-wool for additional warmth. Nordstorm has an excellent selection of scarves of various styles, materials and price ranges.

Touchscreen Gloves

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It’s most likely a safe assumption that none of us like the numb-induced feeling that the cold weather does to our fingers. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. We suggest that you go back and look through our recommendations for touchscreen gloves. Having a pair of quality gloves that you can leave on while using your phone or at the ATM is a huge plus during the winter.


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We all need a proper overcoat to wear to the office or when heading out for the weekend. Wool, camel hair, or cashmere options are the best for warmth and should be just above the knee. However, when the weather becomes too unbearable, make sure you have a parka on hand. Stick with darker colors and make sure it’s longer than your suit jacket. Eddie Bauer has some incredibly durable parkas.

Knitted Sweater

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Is there anything better than bundling up in a sweater during your downtime? For ultimate warmth and style, find a sweater at one of our favorites, Norse Projects. You definitely won’t regret the investment.

Flannel Lined Chinos

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100% cotton Chinos are always a nice look for most occasions. But, what if they were lined with flannel? Now you have slacks that are dressy and will keep your legs toasty. L.L. Bean, J. Crew, Lands End and Eddie Bauer are just a several stores that offer flannel lined chinos.


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Having your feet get cold is just annoying. Prevent that unpleasant sensation by stocking up on either wool, IsoWool, fleece or shearling socks. Socks made from these materials will help maintain a stable core body temperature by featuring more insulation, as well as, absorbing and evaporating moisture.

Winter Boots

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L.L. Bean

Not only will winter-ready boots keep your feet warm and dry, they’ll also prevent you from slipping all over the place as you make your way out into the world. Try L.L. Bean’s signature shearling-lined boots. These boots have been keeping feet warm and dry in Maine and beyond since 1912. If those aren’t your style, you can always browse through Amazon to find a pair more to your liking.

Boot Care Kit

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Between the outdoor elements and salt and whatever else you may be trenching through, your boots may get a little beat-up. Keep your investment clean by purchasing a boot care kit. This will also ensure that your boots will last for several more winters to come.

Lotions/Lip Balms

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Cold weather can be brutal on a man’s skin, on top of those hot showers we’ve been taking to warm up. There’s no shame in having some lotions, moisturizers and lip balms in your possession to keep your skin hydrated and healthy – after all no one enjoys cracked, dry skin. Over at the Grooming Lounge, there are all the lotions, lip balms and shampoos that you need to protect your skin from the brutality of the winter months.

Hand Warmers

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Sometimes when it’s extremely bitter outside, you need some extra assistance. Have some hand warmers around for when temperatures drop way below freezing. Your hands will thank you when they quickly get warmed up so that you can be on your way.


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We know that drinking alcohol can lead to hypothermia. But, is there anything as refreshing and warming like drinking your favorite alcohol neat after a long day of work and battling the elements? Not really. Have a bottle of your favorite brandy, Scotch or whiskey on hand whenever you need a little help to warm up from the inside out.

If you stock up on these items, you’ll be ready to combat the frigid and unpleasant winter. If we left anything out, let us know what your favorite winter survival item is by dropping us a comment.

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