Here’s The Amazing Poster For The Upcoming Yves Saint Laurent Film

yves saint laurent movie Heres The Amazing Poster For The Upcoming Yves Saint Laurent Film

You don’t have to be the most fashionable person to at least heard of the name Yves Saint Laurent. The French fashion designer is one of the most recognizable names and figures of all-time in history. In fact, author Caroline Rennolds Milbank described him as: “The most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty-five years, Yves Saint Laurent can be credited with both spurring the couture’s rise from its Sixties ashes and with finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable.”

Primarily known for revolutionizing women’s fashion, such as introducing the tuxedo suit for women, Saint Laurent also designed menswear. In 1969, he launched a menswear that was inspired by his own wardrobe. This included velvet and pony-skin jackets, safari suits, printed silk shirts, caftans, and chain belts – revisit the movie poster above to see how a simple, tailored suit with horn-rimmed glasses can man make an incredibly bold statement.

However, Saint Laurent is also remembered for his turbulent life that included depression and self-abuse. Which is why we’re still fascinated by the man and will pay the admission to check out the upcoming biopic Yves Saint Laurent. The French film is already screening in Europe, but those interested in viewing it in the U.S. will have to until June 25th.

To hold you over until then, check out the clip below.

Image Source: Fashionista

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