10 Coats You Need To Wear This Spring

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You’re not alone if you’re suffering from the winter blues. It’s been a dreadful season thus far. Between all of the snow and “polar vertices,” it’s a safe assumption that most of us experiencing this weather are officially done with winter – despite what nature keeps throwing at us. But, there’s some good news. Springtime will be on the way. Which means, you can put away those parkas, beanies and gloves and replace them with lighter pieces, such as windbreakers or rain jackets.

To help get you through the remainder of the winter, here are 10 coats you need to purchase for when warmer arrives. It may be frigid outside, but at least shopping for this spring gear will hopefully brighten up your day.

10. Brixton

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Here is a lightweight quilted cotton snap jacket that would be perfect on cooler spring days or nights. Other features include custom Brixton snaps and a woven label at the chest pocket. Available HERE for $70.

9. London Fog

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Even though we survived the arctic blasts and snow, at least for now, there’s still inclement weather to tackle in the spring. This London Fog Durham raincoat contains micro fiber twill shell for protection against the wind and rain. Yours for $120 at London Fog.

8. Topman

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Topman offers a wide selection of outstanding coats and jackets, but we’re partial to their Teflon Coated Trench Coat. Made from 100% cotton and is waterproof thanks to the Teflon. Currently on sale for $70 HERE.

7. Ben Sherman

mf10331 d82 1 768x1024 10 Coats You Need To Wear This SpringAnother solid raincoat option. Other features include check lining, a concealed placket with visible top button, angled hand pockets and button-strap cuffs for a secure fit in wet weather. Available at the label’s official shop for $195.

6. Zara

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A sporty, lightweight option if you’re heading to the gym, going for a job or just making your rounds throughout the city on your day off. It’s on sale HERE for a pleasing $50.

5. H&M

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This 100% Cotton Duffle coat from H&M features a drawstring hood, front zip and toggles with imitation leather fasteners, side pockets, and elbow patches. Nice to have when the temperature dips. Available at H&M for a respectable $69.95.

4. Wallace & Barnes

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If you’re a fan of the traditional American denim jacket, but want to stand out a bit, check out the Wallace & Barnes Bedford cord jacket. A vintage look with a little twist for originality. You can purchase it at J. Crew for $168.

3. Fred Perry

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Whether you need to layer to remain warm in the spring, or just need a jacket to put during torrential downpours, this Summer Parka is probably the best option if you want to stay dry and contains a seasonal oxford lining. We also enjoy the bold and vibrant yellow color. It’s available HERE for $300.

2. Brooklyn Industries

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A nice blend of style and rugged. Features include a held, welt pockets, hidden front fly zip up and a rope drawstring with wooden toggles. This fully lined canvas jacket can be picked up HERE for $168.

1. Gant Rugger

36643 10 Coats You Need To Wear This SpringA casual, yet stylish, nylon jacket that is lined with flannel. Also contains a hood, storm flap, and Velcro adjustments at the cuffs. What else would you expect from Gant? The brand has only been making quality items since the 1920s. But, you better act fast on this coat. They’re going quick. It’s on sale HERE for $110.

Which spring jacket do you want to wear this spring?

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