The 5 Best Places to Find an Ugly Christmas Sweater

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We’re not exactly sure if the ugly Christmas sweater deserves its own day. But that will be the case on December 20. In case you you weren’t aware, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day will be here this week. And, if you’re looking to participate, there’s still time to find that hideous festive ensemble. Even if you aren’t in on this event, you may still have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend at some point during the holidays.

While we’re not 100% certain on when and where this phenomenon started, it can be a fun time – which includes finding and wearing a piece of clothing that you would normally be ashamed to leave the house in is a . But, that’s the idea behind the ugly Christmas sweater. The irony. The excuse to wear something completely vulgar that goes against all you fashion knowledge. And, as the ugly Christmas sweater continues to become a traditional part of the season, more and more stores are partaking in the trend. In reality, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find a hysterical Christmas sweater. However, that kind of defeats the purpose. The hunt for the perfect sweater is part of the experience. Not just not grabbing the first sweater that you spot off the racks.

If you’ve been having a hard time finding an ugly Christmas sweater, here are the 5 best places to pick one up. And, remember, the uglier the better.

Discount Department Stores

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Whether it was intentional or not, discount department stores have a wide and varied collection of ugly Christmas sweaters. We’re talking about stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross and JC Penney. Venture out to any of these types of stores and you’re bound to come across a sweater that should have never been produced. And, avoid Wal-Mart. Any self-respecting man should never step foot into that store.


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Of course you know that you can find anything on eBay, including an ugly Christmas sweater. If your search goes well, you can find a sweater that was made years ago before the trend began. These are the types of sweaters that are the best. Something that was made for a grandmom and not just for her grandkids to wear at party dedicated to its ugliness.

Online Sweater Shops

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There are a lot of online shops dedicated to the ugly Christmas sweater. To save you some valuable time, here several that we recommend.

Rusty Zipper - a huge collection of sweaters and accessories from an online vintage store.

Tipsy Elves – this site sells new Christmas sweaters, if you get skived out by used clothing. The site also donates $2 from each sweater sale to cancer research.

The Sweater Store – this is the world’s largest collection of ugly Christmas sweaters with over 20,000 in stock. The site also ships worldwide and also features Hanukkah and cat sweaters if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Ultimate Ugly Christmas – you might have seen this site get a mention on CNN, Good Morning America or the New York Times. What makes this shop unique is that the sweaters are categorized by price, size and specialty. Plus, they offer free shipping in the U.S.

My Ugly Christmas Sweater – this online shop has every sort of sweater that you can imagine. Everything from vintage sweaters from the 80s’ to light up and 3D sweaters are available. There are also sweaters under $25 and tips on how to wear your sweater. Also, the site sends sweaters to troops overseas so that even members of the military can partake in the fun.

Thrift Shops

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We’ve had much success finding ugly Christmas sweaters at thrift shops. Whether it’s the Salvation Army, Goodwill or just a local thrift store, there is an abundance of funny and stomach-churning sweaters for purchase, usually at a very decent price. Honestly, do you want to spend over $100 on a sweater that you’ll only wear maybe a couple of times.

Older Family Members Closets

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If you’re looking to save some cash, and find a vintage sweater, try raiding the closet of an older family member. We guarantee that your mom, grandmom or aunt has an ugly Christmas sweater that they haven’t worn in years, so they won’t mind handing it over. Because it’s vintage and made before the ugly sweater phenomenon began, it will definitely be the talk of the ugly Christmas sweater party that you’re attending.

That’s our 5 selections on where to find an ugly Christmas sweater. If you’ve had luck finding your sweater, drop us a comment and let us know where you found your piece of festive gear.

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