The 13 Sexiest Women of 2013

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Can you really end the year without a most beautiful women list? We think not. That’s just not right. What would our lives be without the women who are not only sexy, but also have talent, charisma and the drive to be something more than just eye candy. After hours of research – it was a tedious task that someone had to do – we’ve come up with the 13 sexiest women of 2013. These lovely ladies just weren’t stunning, they absolutely dominated the entertainment world this year.

13. Miley Cyrus

Right now, Miley Cyrus probably isn’t the type of girl you would take home to meet your mom, but there’s no denying that she had an incredible year. Between all the twerking, tongue sticking and stripping down to nothing for the “Wrecking Ball” video, Miley has also successfully shattered her Hannah Montana image. She might appear as train wreck right now, but it was probably a successful PR campaign to keep us gawking and talking.

12. Emma Watson

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Going from the Harry Potter series to becoming one of the most buzzed young actresses is no easy task, but Watson has somehow pulled it off. After-all, was there any other actress who had a minor role that stole two films this year (This is the End, Bling Ring)? She’ll appear in Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah next year.

11. Katherine Webb

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We all remember the night of January 7, 2013. We were watching the 2013 BCS National Championship game when Brent Musburger pointed out the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. On that night Katherine Webb became an instant celebrity. The former Miss Alabama went on to be seen on Carls Jr. spots, as a contestant on Splash (formerly Celebrity Diving) and the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will cover Super Bowl XLVII for Inside Edition.

10. Rihanna

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Besides joining Elvis and The Beatles as one of three acts to have scored a number one single each year over seven consecutive years in the UK Singles Charts in with Eminem on “The Monster”, Rihanna embarked on the Diamonds World Tour, was seen briefly in This is the End, and continued to dazzle us with her constant beauty.

9. Emilia Clarke

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Of course ‘The Mother of Dragons’ would be in this list. That’s not an easy task for anyone. On top of being one the best character on one of our favorite shows, the Game of Thrones beauty also conquered the role of Holly Golightly in a Broadway production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

8. Alison Brie

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Alison Brie only starred in two of the greatest television series this year, Mad Men and Community. Talk about being versatile. And, that’s just the beginning. Brie is becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest emerging stars. Next year, she’ll be seen in four films, including Search Party and The Lego Movie.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry released her fourth studio album, Prism, back in October. But, you probably heard, and watched the video, for her single “Roar” hundreds of times since it debuted August. She also returned as the voice of Smurfette in The Smurfs 2. You can expect to see lots more of Katy Perry when she heads out on the road in 2014.

6. Scarlett Johansson

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Film wise, Johansson had a relatively quiet year. She appeared in Don Juan and had some buzz about her sexy, man-eating alien in Under the Skin. Regardless, she was also named the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive 2013’ by Esquire, which is fine by us. Next up for Johansson will be reprising her role as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014.

5. Lizzy Caplan

Before September 29, 2013, you probably didn’t know who Lizzy Caplan was. Sure. The beautiful actress has had roles on series ranging from Freaks and Geeks to True Blood and films like Cloverfield and Hot Tub Time Machine, but her role as Virginia Johnson on Masters of Sex has made her a household name. Bonus points for appearing as Roxin’s sister during the season finale of The League.

4. Emily Ratajkowski

Who? The model from the music video for “Blurred Lines”. Enough said.

3. Kerry Washington

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After appearing in some dreadful movies, such as Little Man, Kerry Washington became a darling in 2012 after Django Unchained and her role as Olivia Pope on the ABC series Scandal. Scandal has been one of the most buzzed series of the year, and it’s placed Washington on virtually the cover of every magazine and hosting duties on Saturday Night Live.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

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What’s not to love about Jennifer Lawrence? She’s just awesome. Besides being stunningly beautiful, she’s down to earth and genuinely grateful for her fame and success. 2013 was another landmark year for the actress. She won an Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, returned as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and will be seen in American Hustle. Next year looks to be just promising with the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past and a cameo in Dumb and Dumber To.

1. Beyonce

There really wasn’t any other choice for the top spot. In 2013, Queen Bey only performed at President Obama’s inauguration, the Super Bowl halftime show and the Made in America Festival. Beyonce also embarked on a world tour and released a surprise self-titled album on December 13, 2013. The 14 track album, along with its 17 videos, was such a bombshell and caused such a reaction that it almost crashed iTunes. Beyonce definitely owned the past year.

Who do you think was the sexiest woman of 2013?

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