Top 10 Menswear Piccs

PICCSY Top 10 Menswear Piccs

The digital age is increasingly marked by two distinct features of its evolution: the proliferation of data exchanged over the internet, and the exponential increase in the quantity and quality of this data. This deluge of high-quality media often results in an unavigable landscape of imagery spread out over the web.

Piccsy is an image-bookmarking network that allows for the accumulation, rating, and organization of images collected by the members that make up its burgeoning community. Aesthetically minded and highly organized for ease-of-search, we asked Piccsy to assemble for us the Top Ten images tagged under the category of ‘Menswear’ for 2010.

The results demonstrate that Men’s fashion is more than just a well-considered outfit, but an aesthetic statement. It’s as much the clothing as it is culture, quality, curation, and presentation.

Curated & Collected

Curated Collected1 Top 10 Menswear Piccs

Edwin ‘Portraits’ Fall 2010 Collection

Edwin ‘Portraits’ Fall 2010 Collection Top 10 Menswear Piccs

Luggage Layout

Luggage Layout Top 10 Menswear Piccs

Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner Top 10 Menswear Piccs

He Wears It – Darth Vader Wears Band of Outsiders

He Wears It – Darth Vader Wears Band of Outsiders Top 10 Menswear Piccs

Ensemble: The Style of Music

Ensemble The Style of Music Top 10 Menswear Piccs

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist Top 10 Menswear Piccs

Hanger Language

Hanger Language Top 10 Menswear Piccs

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Top 10 Menswear Piccs

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects Top 10 Menswear Piccs


Piccsy is an image bookmarking network that allows its community to submit, share, and rate images.

The Network

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