Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

LF AW13 Lookbook 2 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 LookbookVintage may be all the rage right now, but when Christian McCann founded clothing brand Left Field NYC in 1998, that really wasn’t the case. To make matter worse, American-made clothing wasn’t that all that common as well. In short, the late ’90s weren’t exactly the greatest time for menswear.

McCann decided to change all that with Left Field. After being inspired by the craftsmanship and detail of items that he remembered from flea markets, McCann was on mission to bridge that gap between handcrafted and mass-produced clothing. The brand slowly crawled out of the Brooklyn apartments and lofts that it called home, where McCann was literally climbing over bags of clothes just to get out of bed. From the very beginning McCann has been personally involved with making the brand the best it can be. Whether it was the desire to make quality, American-made clothing that his grandfather would have proudly worn to lugging rolls of fabrics from all across the Big Apple.

Since then, Left Field NYC has made a name for itself by offering exceptional denim pieces. But, the brand is illustrating that it’s more than just denim. Case in point, the outstanding fall/winter 2013 Lookbook.

The lookbook was photographed by Pepper Davies and features Corinna Mantlo, the founder of the Motor Cycle Film Festival, hanging out around Ridgewood, NY – where Left Field is based. Included in the line are quilted bomber jackets, heavyweight cotton-linen Work Shirts, crewneck sweaters, and military-inspired field pants. Of course, Left Field didn’t forget about adding some new denim pieces. The capsule also features some fall/winter-weight denim options, which are available in either straight-leg Greaser or slim-leg Chelsea fits.

Once again, Left Field releases a high-quality, handcrafted line that is contemporary, but will also be in style a decade from now. It’s also rugged and badass enough to make you look like you belong in a motorcycle club. Head over to the Left Field NYC online shop to purchase these solid fall/winter pieces.

LF AW13 Lookbook 10 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 LookbookLF AW13 Lookbook 4 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

LF AW13 Lookbook 9 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook LF AW13 Lookbook 7 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook LF AW13 Lookbook 5 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook LF AW13 Lookbook 3 Left Field NYC Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

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