EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

2010wrapup2 EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

Is it already 2011? We at EveryGuyed can’t really believe it, but here it is. We’ve seen the return of denim and prep, classic menswear, and thick recession-era beards giving way to a smooth-shaven optimism. To help us all put some light on the last year, we’ve asked a motley crew of friends, contributors, and Cravat nominees and winners to suss out the best and brightest of 2010. So without further adieu, here’s EveryGuyed’s 2010 Wrap-Up.

Top 5 Revelations

TSY The Clash1 EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

Far and away one of the best blogs on the Internet, not to mention our overall winner for The Cravats, The Selvedge Yard has put together the Top 5 Style Revelations.

The Look

The Look EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

An outstanding year for men’s style, this category explores getting that right look. Get inspired by seeing the Top 10 Menswear Piccs from Piccsy, or Top 5 Menswear Editorials from Steel Machines. Little Fashinisto has assembled Top 5 Recurring Trends, and our own Editor Xiaoli Li looks to Hollywood with the Top 10 Mens Style Films. Fucking Young wraps it up with the Top 10 Menswear Photography.

The Details

The Details EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

It may have been the tail end of a recession, but on the fashion front there were no signs of faltering, with plenty of pieces to drool over and lay waste to our savings. It-kid Vincent Ko helps us put our outfits over the top with his Top 5 Accessories for 2010, and Who Is Drew rounds things off with his Top 10 Footwear choices of 2010. Also, former staff writer Shareen Sandhu thought with her Top 5 Innovative Eyewear, and Top 5 Bag Collaborations this year. Lastly, Corey Shapiro wraps up a great year for his Vintage Frames Company with a list of the Top 10 Collectible Vintage Frames.

The Street

The Street EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

Of course not all fashion is straight from the runway, and in 2010 Street culture and Style pretty much blew up on everyone’s radar. The outstanding Strictly Fitteds gives us their Top 10 Fitted Hats, Hide Your Arms showcases the Top 10 Typography T-Shirts, while Them Thangs comes to bat with the Top 10 Things He Wants Right Now. LosAngelist has given us a collection of the Top 10 Products Made in LA, and The Denim Guy gives us the Top 10 Denim Trends of 2010.

The Gentleman

>The Gentleman EveryGuyed 2010 Year Wrap Up

Fashion is forever cyclical, and Classic Menswear rode the waves of time back into the forefront in 2010. To capture the trends that took precedence, Fratello Watches gives us the Top 5 Watches, Gentlemen’s Gazette also does its part with the best of what they brought in 2010, with their Top 10 Classic Style Editorials. Finally, our own resident Editor Erik Adler takes a retrospective look at the changing face of men in 2010, literally, with a Top 5 Grooming Trends.

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