How to Remove Common Stains

laundry How to Remove Common Stains
Let’s face it – you’re only human, so you’re bound to get the last bit of Americano on your perfectly pressed white shirt. So stop frantically trying to wash it off with cold water in the men’s bathroom while you’re hectically preparing to dry it under the hand dryer.

As much as you try and avoid the onset of sweat, dirt and juice from adhering to your pricey Prada, it’s inevitable that somewhere, at some time, you’re going to get your clothes stained. Lucky for you, EveryGuyed has your common every day solutions to combat some of life’s most stubborn stains.

As a Precaution

We know you’re anxiously waiting to get rid of that ink stain, but as a precaution, we warn you that applying these chemicals to your clothing should be done with caution. Applying too much could severely damage your Lanvin, and buying another sweater just isn’t an option.

There is a difference between liquid clothing bleach and peroxide – peroxide is extremely strong generic bleach and clothing bleach has been diluted for use on clothes.

Ammonia, rubbing alcohol, peroxide and liquid clothing bleach should all be used with utmost caution.


Rubbing alcohol, liquid bleach or peroxide

Pre-treat the stain with some liquid bleach (color safe bleach for your non-white clothes) or rubbing alcohol if you don’t have bleach readily available. If the first two solutions aren’t doing it for you and you’ve started to panic, try mixing one parts peroxide with six parts water. That should do the trick.


Rubbing alcohol, detergent, hairspray, ammonia, peroxide

That pesky ballpoint pen just burst in your pocket and you have a meeting in 10 minutes. Don’t freak out, just grab some rubbing alcohol and detergent into the stain and rinse it out.

Of course, you aren’t going to be carrying these around with you in case of emergency, so grab a female co-worker’s hairspray and apply this every day hair product, which will work just as well.

To prevent the ink from bleeding into the rest of your shirt, mix one part ammonia with one part peroxide, a tiny amount is all you need to prevent a small problem from becoming a bigger one.


Cold water, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, hairspray

Sure, lipstick looks great on your girlfriend, but it definitely doesn’t on your white shirt. Believe it or not, cold water will help to remove most of the stain. Rubbing alcohol, ammonia and hairspray will also serve as great stain removers for those last traces.


Cold water, bleach

Burgers, fries and hot dogs just taste so much better with ketchup, but you always run the risk of getting it on your clothes. Lucky for you, running the back of the stain under some cold water will usually do the trick. For peskier and more set in stains, try using bleach to combat the stubborn stain.

Perspiration and Sweat

Aspirin, baking soda, ammonia, water, lemon

You don’t want to be caught before a big meeting with sweat stains on your dress shirt. Sure you’re nervous, but the world doesn’t need to know it. Believe it or not, dissolving two aspirins, mixing four tablespoons of baking soda or mixing half a cup of ammonia with water can help get rid of the stains.
The lemon? Not only will it help to combat the smell, but mixing it with an equal amount of water will help to break up the stain before doing laundry.


Simple solutions can get rid of stubborn stains.

  • Coffee: Pre treat with rubbing alcohol or clothing bleach, wash. Dilute peroxide for stubborn stains.
  • Ink: Rub hairspray into the ink to stop it setting. Mix ammonia and peroxide to pre-treat.
  • Lipstick: Run under cold water. Use rubbing alcohol, ammonia, or hairspray for stubborn stains.
  • Ketchup: Cold water. Use clothing bleach for more difficult stains, moving to diluted peroxide for the worst of the worst.
  • Sweat: If sweat stains persist after washing, try mixing two pills aspirin or four tablespoons baking soda or half cup ammonia into water.


Stains are inevitable and keeping your clothes looking your best when you’re out with your friends or at the office is important. With these common household ingredients, you’ll be able to combat even the most stubborn of stains wherever you are. Just remember to always wash your clothes after you’ve used one of these pre-stain treatments.


Questions about that day old ink stain? Comments about whether or not that sweat stain is going to come out? Leave us a comment below.


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