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sleeping in style Guide to Sleepwear
Once a sacred practice during the 17th Century, the inception of Men’s Sleepwear started in the holy lands of South Asia. Although male sleepwear has never had the same notoriety and sex appeal of its female counterpart , men’s sleepwear has finally has ‘woken up’ to the buzzing of the fashion alarm.

Selecting sleepwear is pretty much a non-issue for most guys, with any old college T-shirt and pair of boxers sufficing as an ensemble. With even the least fashion-minded fellows waking up with more aesthetic appreciation, we figured it might be time to weight some clothing options when it comes time for a date with the sandman.

Know Thy Fabric!

“Know the rules, so you can break the rules.” This is an important practice to perfect in the realm of sleepwear. Certain fabrics offer variety of qualities and benefits. With sleep it becomes a matter of what allows you to be comfortable and get your best nights rest, since the time you spend between the sheets is unlike any other hours of your day. Sleep is a fickle mistress, and whether it’s feeling a chill that leads you into slumber, or the warm cocoon of a flannel sleep-set, only you can be the judge.


A soft and fluffy staple fiber, it’s a material that let’s you’re skin breathe more easily. Cotton is low-maintenance, easy-to-wash, and highly-affordable. Out of all the sleepwear fabrics, cotton is easily the most ubiquitous. Remember, you sweat and excrete bodily oils through your skin while you sleep, so having an inexpensive, low maintenance option is an asset for some.


Sensual in feel, silk is a natural protein fiber. Considered to be one of the more warmer fabrics, it’s a go to fabric if you find warmer environments help lull you into a dream-state. Be careful though, because unless your Hugh Hefner, this ensemble can go sadly comical in a lot of ways, fast. Stick to silk boxers, and don’t opt for a full outfit a-la-the Playboy Mansion.

Polyester and Nylon

Although Polyester and Nylon possess a less-natural feel than cotton and wool, both offer improved wrinkle resistance, durability and high color retention.

Sleeping in Style

Pajama Suits

This is for the sartorially minded. It takes confidence and a little irony to pull this number off, so if you’re at all skeptical if you’re the man to do it, you probably aren’t. Pajama Suits came to prominence in the mid-1950’s, and many men will recall these as the provenance of their fathers.

This is more of a weekend garment, since its slight ‘formality’ and style mean that it’s a piece for lounging in; eating breakfast, reading the paper, and easing into your day. You can see why guys are finding this aesthetic favorable.


Hey, some people just find clothes annoying and uncomfortable. And if you live in a warm climate, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of boxing shorts. Featured in wide varieties from flannel, solid neutrals, and pinstripe. Look for a pair that’s cut with a mid-thigh length, and not closer to the knees like so many pairs out there today; this will give it a more adult feel, and keep you from looking like a teenager.

Also, a pair of boxers looks best on a fit body. So if you’re carrying around a few extra pounds from that buffet or that keg party, throw on a pair of boxers and give yourself a long, hard look int the mirror. Then, get out to the gym and get to work.

Birthday Suit

Statistics show 31 percent of men sleep in the nude. Interestingly enough, studies also show sleeping naked promotes weight loss, healthier blood circulation, and works as a method to ease insomnia. Your skin breathes more easily and helps sweat evaporate naturally, burning more calories. Although sleeping naked has its health benefits, men in good condition will have a better look than those who are overweight. Just like with boxers, this is great inspiration to get back into shape.


With Men’s Sleepwear making its comeback into the fashionable mainstream, more men will, ‘hop on the bandwagon’. Although being in fashion is a luxury most of men in the world dream of, let us go beyond fashion and find the benefits that turn you into a more positive individual, there’s a reason why they call it beauty sleep!

  • Try different options, you never know what might help you get the best sleep you’ve had in years
  • Pajama Suits are for the bold. Wear them on weekends and start a morning ritual to go with it
  • Boxers: a great accessory to that great body you have/are going to have
  • Silk may be luxurious, but beware descending into Hugh Hefner-esque parody
  • Be comfortable and get your beauty sleep!



Got a Men’s Sleepwear Nightmare? Dream? Ignore the snooze button and type a few comments below!

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