Great Gifts for Mother’s Day

momtattoo Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Men, it’s that time of year again; a time for men all around the world to set aside a day to appreciate the many meals made, headaches endured, and sicknesses cured thanks to our Mothers. Although, gratitude should be given to each of our Mom’s everyday, Mother’s Day is that special time of the year that is all about them, so this year, do it right.

Often, the mind of a Mother is elusive, dropping various hints to things she may like, but when asked directly the age old, “all I want for Mother’s Day is to spend it with you guys” will be repeated like a broken record. First of all, this cliché saying is bologna. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with family is on her priority list, but a little extra something to show you care is a close competitor.

When it comes to gifting, macaroni art or I.O.U. one-hug cards no longer cut it. Your Mother has collected more than enough ‘Mom Art’ over the years, none of which has appreciated in value. Instead of brainstorming what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day, try not to think of your Mother as a ‘Mom’. Remember, the role of Mother is only a part of who your Mom is; she will enjoy the same frivolous luxuries any woman her age does. Sentimental value is great, but sometimes, it’s nice to show your Mom you care by picking her up something she’ll absolutely love.

Here at Everyguyed, we have taken it upon ourselves to help our fellow sons pick out the perfect Mothers Day gift. Whether you are buying for your Mom, or on behalf of your own youngster, these gifts are sure to delight Mothers of any age.

A Springtime Fragrance

Perfume may seem like a cliché Mother’s Day gift, but don’t but into this illogical stigma. Avoid accepting the advice of perfume counter clerks, & always go with your instinct; failing that, below are two time-tested options. Spring is the perfect time to change up one’s scent, & best of all your mother will think of you whenever she wears it.
Fragrance Lady Million Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Lady Million by Paco Rabanne: a delightful aromatic companion this spring season, Lady Million offers a creamy smooth scent that will hold your senses captive. This intoxicating scent expresses notes of heady orange blossom, hitting you with an unexpected punch of citrus that blends so well with the sweetness of honey, jasmine and gardenia. Price Point: $65.00 USD
Fragrance Elie Saab Le Parfum Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Elie Saab EDP: Delivering a fragrance fit for royalty, elite dressmaker Elie Saab has released a scent as fittingly regal as the gowns she so expertly crafts. Purveying hints of cedar, rose, and jasmine, Elie Saab ‘Le Parfum’ brings a touch of elegance to the everyday. Furthermore, being an Eau de Parfum, this fragrance is more concentrated, delivering a scent that will last all day long. Price Point: 1.6oz $90.00 USD, 3oz $127.00 USD

Pampering Products

Hectic schedules often keep any Mom from indulging herself at the spa for a day, so bring the spa to her with a variety of pampering skincare products.
Pampering Products kiehls body butter1 Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Kiehl’s Crème de Corps line: Kiehl’s offers a full line of body nourishment products that offer maximum skin hydration with an invigorating scent. Each product has been precisely formulated to deliver maximum results, allowing patrons to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. If you are unsure of which Crème de Corps product your Mother may like, you can’t go wrong with an order of the all body moisturizer or Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter . Featuring ingredients such as shae butter, jojoba oil, and beta carotene, these skin nourishing products will deliver her a daily dose of stress relief.Price Point: $12.50 USD – $87.00 USD depending on product & size.

You’ve Got This In The Bag

Whether its catching a spin class or heading to a B&B for the weekend, every Mom needs a bag built to accommodate all of her necessary travel belongings. Don’t settle for any old bag, do your research and pick out a bag that fits your Mothers many needs. We suggest:
Bag Lug cartwheel Great Gifts for Mothers Day
The Lug Cartwheel Fitness/ Overnight Bag: Often if a product is backed by the almighty Oprah Winfrey, it is a for sure Mom pleaser. The Lug Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag was definitely designed with the multi-tasking Mom in mind, equipped with a multitude of distinctly sized pockets to fit everything from her yoga mat to her jewelry. Lightweight, water-resistant, and available in a variety of different colours, the Lug Cartwheel Fitness/ Overnight Bag is a definite contender in the category of epic mom gifts.
Price Point: $95.00 USD
Bag Michael Kors Travel Tote Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote: Providing ample room for all of her travel belongings, the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote is the glamorous alternative to any traveling handbag. Constructed out of saffiano leather, this travel tote exhibits exceptional craftsmanship, and feature the trademark MK charm dangling from its strap. Available in a variety of versatile colours, treat your Mother to a handbag that she’ll love showing off to her friends. Price Point: $278.00 USD

Bling Bling

Every woman, regardless of age or style preference, will enjoy a beautiful piece of jewelry given to her by her son. Backed by sentimental value, and chosen using a tasteful eye, you can never go wrong with gifting a little bling.
Jewlery DexterAmyRoseGo Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Marc Jacobs Amy Dexter Glitz 36MM Wristwatch: Featuring crystal graduations encrusted on a gold ionic plated body, the Marc Jacobs Amy Dexter Glitz MM wristwatch offers just enough bling without being too audacious. The warm, rosey hue of the gold harmonizes with the colourful crystal face, blending to construct a watch versatile enough to be worn with an evening gown, or out about town. Topped off with a signature-etched bezel and notched crown, this watch will definitely help your Mom forget about all those broken vases and figurines from over the years.Price Point: $200.00 USD
Jewlery Tiffany Co Interlocking circles pendant 1837 Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles Pendant: Simple and elegant, the 1837 Interlocking Circles Pendant by Tiffany & Co is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Dangling from an 18” sterling silver chain, each circle holds distinctly different qualities. Most notably, the incorporation of a Rubedo ring etched with the iconic jewelers signature and establishing date catches your eye, capturing the warm glow of a sunrise with its rosey glow. Your Mom will love the versatility of this piece, undoubtedly wearing it every chance she can. Trust me, once she sees that green box with the white bow, you’ll know you’ve done good.Price Point: $275.00 USD

Burst The Technology Bubble

The wonders of modern technology may not be your Mother’s forte, and if this is indeed true perhaps it is time to open her eyes. Plenty of tech is more user-friendly than ever, and best of all a great piece that she’ll actually use can easily be had for less than $200.
Tech Kobo Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Kobo Vox eReader: Ideal for the Mom on the go, the Kobo Vox eReader allows its user to conveniently carry a library of novels, magazines, and subscriptions effortlessly. Featuring a vibrant 7” colour screen, the Vox eReader captures every nuance of shading, hue, and sharpness, leaving no visible distinction unexposed. Synced with wi-fi, this eReader isn’t just for books; mom can easily surf the web and stay up to date with all of her Young and the Restless buzz. Price Point: $179.00 USD
Tech Kindle Great Gifts for Mothers Day
Kindle Touch: Portable and easy to read, the Kindle Touch is the more affordable alternative to any color eReader that is a stones throw away from being an iPad. The Kindle Touch features the most advanced E Ink display, mimicking the visual qualities of paper to a near undetectable extent. Perhaps the most useful attribute of the Kindle Touch is its new X-Ray feature. The X-Ray provides a built in encyclopedia, letting the reader look up unfamiliar names, character back-stories, and relatable historical info. With the ability to store up to 3000 books, the Kindle Touch will be your Mom’s most trusted travel companion. Price Point: $99.00 USD

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches Image Great Gifts for Mothers Day
No gift is complete until it has been properly wrapped and presented. The last thing you want to do is cheap out on wrapping paper, denying your Mother that child like rush of excitement when she first lays eyes on her marvelously wrapped gift. She’ll appreciate the extra effort, and most likely save the wrapping paper for a future occasion.
If gift-wrapping is not your forte, don’t fret, there are a couple alternatives that will deliver expert results that you can totally take credit for:
Bag It: Decorative bags are available at nearly any greeting card store in existence, and are the perfect way for the wrapping impaired to get that ‘wow’ result. Preparing is as easy as dropping your gift in the bag, arranging a few pieces of vibrant tissue paper over top to conceal, and finish things off with a peel and stick bow. Simple, quick, and effective, the art of bagging gifts has been making guys look good for decades.
Leave It To The Pros: If the opportunity presents itself to have your gift wrapped for you, ALWAYS say yes. No matter how hard you try, your wrapping job will never rival that of the men and women who have been trained to do so.
Don’t Forget The Card:You may be a man of few words, but your Mom will definitely appreciate reading someone else’s loving feelings on your behalf. Mother’s Day is the Superbowl of all greeting card created holidays, with each company hitting the public with their first string of sappy, heartfelt cards. Now, there is no need to go over the top with your card choice, the last thing you want is to pair your gift with a card that is far too cheesy to be tolerated. Keep things simple and graceful, offering a well-decorated card that keeps its text short and sweet. Now all you have to do is sign, attach to your gift, and wait for the waterworks… you’ve just conquered Mother’s Day.


Although, any of these luxurious gifts would please your Mother, the fact that you put a great deal of thought into choosing a gift will always trump the gift itself. You know your Mother better than anyone else, so this Mother’s day think about the things she loves to do when she isn’t so busy being a Mom.

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