How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3

Kitchen 2 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3

The kitchen is much more than merely a place to prepare your meals; it is an area where cuisines are tested, palettes enhanced, and conversations enjoyed. Why partygoers choose to occupy the kitchen at nearly every function is something of a debate, but regardless it more often than naught serves as the social hub of any get-together.
The kitchen isn’t only a gathering place for guests, but also one of the most important contributors to your own health & well-being. A well-designed kitchen, easy to use & stocked with the appropriate tools, is the first step on ending your long-term relationship with the takeout delivery guy. Here at EveryGuyed, we’ve assembled some tips on design, & even included a few key kitchen tools that will help you go from K.F.C. to gourmet.

Maximize Your Space

Kitchen 3 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
The first thing to consider when designing your kitchen is how to maximize the space you’ve been given. Most new places will come furnished with a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, as well as cabinet space. These staple features are difficult to modify without spending a small fortune, so it’s best to work with what you have.
Clearly designate a space for each piece of kitchenware you own, and prioritize it based on how often you use it. For example, coffee makers and kettles are dominant countertop appliances among many households, but if you don’t care for hot beverages, replace these appliances with something you use more often.

Tip: Maximize your space by prioritizing the accessibility of appliances.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Kitchen 11 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
With your cupboards full and drawers neatly organized, there’s a good chance you will be in need of some supplementary storage. Instead of abiding by our Swedish design overlord, IKEA, try and think outside the box when conjuring up additional storage ideas. Abiding by a minimalist theme, discover unique ways to store your cooking supplies in a manner that keeps them out of sight. For instance, a pot rack is an ideal way to create functional space out of thin air. Whether you hang it on a bare wall, or more traditionally over an island, you can adequately store all of your pots, pans, and cooking utensils in a space totally out of your way.

Diversify Your Kitchen

In most bachelor pads, the kitchen is a space not distinctly set apart from the rest of the home. Regardless of whether you have an open concept kitchen, or something a tad more secluded, setting your culinary space apart from the rest of your house will increase its perceived size. This can be done in a variety of quick and easy ways.
Properly complimenting your newly decorated living room, use a contrasting color to paint the walls of your kitchen. The duality of color will allow your kitchen/living area to seem less all encompassing, consequently creating a kitchen, and a living room.
Bull knife and book display How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
Similarly, display accessories that are oriented more towards the kitchen atmosphere. By transitioning the room’s motif from gentleman’s study to culinary playground, you can create the illusion of two distinct rooms divided by an otherwise invisible line.

Tip: Don’t play with your food; leave the living room motif out of the kitchen.

Bring Your Kitchen To Life

The kitchen is not only home to your food, but also an area where creation takes place. Whether it be trying out a new recipe, sampling a new cuisine, or cooking a meal for friends and family, the kitchen breeds laughter and new experiences. Why not accentuate this natural vibe by incorporating lush greenery within the room?

Add a crisp scent to your cooking space by growing a windowsill herb garden. Fresh basil, mint, and parsley are excellent garnishing leaves for most any dish, as well as able to help rid your kitchen of lingering odors after cooking. There are a variety of intriguing and smart designs available for growing indoor gardens, so don’t settle for your average clay pot.
Brussels Herb Garden How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
If your countertop or windowsill lacks room to accommodate a small herb garden, don’t clear-cut the idea of hosting some kitchen foliage. Convention is something to be tested, so invest in a pack of sturdy ceiling hooks and create your very own hanging garden. You’ll be surprised on how much a little greenery can liven up a room.

Tools of The Trade

Although color concepts and storage accessories are important, what kitchen is complete without an arsenal of quality kitchen utensils? As men, there are only a few necessary essentials needed in order to cook up a meal hearty enough to satisfy our immense appetites. Feast your eyes on this:

Global G-series Chef’s Knife

large G64 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
Don’t be fooled into thinking that in order to prepare a decent meal you must possess a comprehensive set of knives. Often, one or two quality knives can complete the task of any specialty blade just as well.

The Global G-64 16 cm Chef’s Knife is a great general-purpose tool capable of meeting many of your chopping needs. Constructed out of Carmova 18 stainless-steal, the G-64’s razor sharp blade is extremely durable, producing smooth, clean cuts use after use. Its ergonomic handle and fluted edge make dicing a breeze, just remember to curl those fingers.
Price point: 130 USD

All-Clad 6.5 Qt Electric Slow Cooker
All Clad How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
The slow cooker has become a quintessential cooking utensil for men looking to prep a flavorful meal with plenty of leftovers. All-Clad offers an electric slow cooker with a sleek design aesthetic and plenty of room to house a meal that will last you for weeks. With an easy-to-use programmable timer, the All-Clad slow cooker lets you prep a meal in the morning, let it simmer in the flavour all day, and be ready to enjoy the second you walk in the door. If rush-hour traffic keeps you from arriving home on time, not to worry, this smart cooker will keep your meal nice and warm until its time to eat.
Price Point: 279.95 USD

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
BD01E8B8 2CD5 40C7 B29A A8FE2A32178D L8SK3 L14SK3 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part 3
Everyman needs a good frying pan, that much is for sure, but don’t waste your money on at Teflon coated skillet good for frying and frying only. A cast iron pan is ideal for meals that cross the boundary from stovetop to oven, saving you the task of cleaning an extra dish.
Forging quality American cookware for well over 100 years, Lodge is the leader in cast-iron cooking utensils. Available in a variety of sizes, we recommend the Lodge Logic Skillet as an ideal choice for your bachelor kitchen. Bringing cooking back to its roots, Lodge’s cast-iron skillet is pre-seasoned with a soybean vegetable oil, offering a non-stick surface that is all natural. By taking proper care of a traditional piece of cookware such as this, there is a good chance your cast-iron pan will out live you.
Price Point: 22.95 USD – 64.95 USD depending on size


The kitchen is one of the most social, and ironically small, rooms within the home, serving a variety of purposes. Make this room a pleasure to cook, converse, and clean in by keeping things organized and fun.
Maximize Your Space: Appliances have the power to be your organizational downfall, so carefully coordinate where you store your kitchenware and cooking devices based on how often you use them.

Out of Sight Out of Mind: Additional storage space is always a necessity, but not necessarily always an option. Don’t sway towards convention by taking up valuable floor space with another shelf; invest in a hanging pot rack to create storage space out of thin air.
Diversify Your Kitchen: For bachelors of all ages, the pad generally comingles the kitchen and living room into one ‘area’. Use contrasting paint colour and a different style motif to turn the kitchen/living area into a kitchen, and living room.
Bring Your Kitchen To Life: Accentuate the creativeness of the kitchen by including a small windowsill garden or hanging foliage. The fresh scent of spices and flowers will not only chase away lingering odors, but also brighten up the room with life.
Tools Of The Trade: Complete your kitchen with an arsenal of useful and affordable cooking utensils versatile enough to prepare a wide variety of delicious, savory meals.


Have any additional tips on how to spruce up your bachelor kitchen? We would love to hear them!


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  1. No offense, but if you can afford to do even one tenth of what you propose here, what the hell are you doing in a bachelor pad? Is this post aimed at people in downtown Manhatten only?

    Who has the 10k needed to spruce up their place, but can’t afford more than 30 sq. meters?

  2. When did men’s style become synonymous with materialistic one percenter bullshit. Who the hell is going to pad the kitchen with bland conversation pieces, fine design utensils, and all the trappings of a brooding wine and cheese eating sycophant?

    Listen, right now my kitchen is structurally sound. Sure the countertops are mid 70’s formica and not rich soapstone. I may not have Wolfgang Puck’s premier copper pots and skillets, just some cast iron I inherited from my uncle. But damn it, I don’t need the latest and trendiest bullshit to gussy up my flat.

  3. Damn fellas! Why be so negative? Dude spends his precious time to school us over what separates little college boys from Gentlemen, and all we hear is “boohoohoo I can’t afford this or that”. I can’t afford most of this stuff neither (for now). I’m not sold on the slow cooker. But I’m definitely going to paint my small condo’s kitchen with a color that contrast color from the living room, pick up that badass frypan skillet to cook myself meals. Than I’ll gladly offer every visiting chicks curious about my “plants”, a nice cup of my indoor garden windowsill aphrodisiac fresh mint tea, to make em totally relaxed and ready for when I make my move…Thanks a lot for those tips, Steve!

  4. Man, I would kill for a kitchen like that. I love cooking and I wish my kitchen was a bigger part of my house. If I was ever so lucky as to design my own place, I’d have the kitchen and living room as one entity!
    Putting different items in different places or using colours, like it says in the article is a pretty sweet way to break up the rooms. I think there should probably be some kinda screen up that can be erected and dismantled at points though – I have a tendency to burn stuff…

  5. Kitchens I think are the most gathered places because subconsciously our instinct to survive (I.e. have enough food to live) is kicking in. Heading to the kitchen to stay close to a valuable resource, that, and who doesn’t like food?
    Regardless I think if your looking to bring people other places in your house, why not keep a little coffee pot somewhere else, maybe a mini fridge and a pizza cooker. If the kitchen isn’t the main point of your house, you could always direct people other places with the same food based thought ( I do enjoy coffee pots, I have two in places other then the kitchen ).
    Just a thought!
    Christian Fitz

  6. When it comes to kitchen tools, I avoid the “designer” stuff and stick with what the professional chefs use. Ever see a professional chef use All-Clad, Le Creuset, Global. Wusthof, or Henckels? Nope!

    Instead, those in the business use stuff like Dexter-Russell cutlery and Vollrath Wear Ever cookware. Very functional, relatively inexpensive, and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved. (NSF approval is required for restaurant use.) It might not be as “impressive” to those who don’t know better, but it’s the real deal.

  7. I feel like there is so much more to a bachelor pad than just the kitchen. Sure you don’t want it to look like a college dorm but its definitely not the focus. Great ideas and tips though! For more ideas on areas other than the kitchen I would check out http://www.bachelorpadonine.com . They’ve got some pretty neat stuff there too!

  8. The staircase in the first photo looks really slick. But you guys brought up some great items for any man’s bachelor pad. I think we often miss out on the important stuff, that stuff being the kitchen knife and the skillet. Every man should own a solid iron skillet and considering they cost around $20, there’s no reason not to own one! I’ve enjoyed this series quite a bit, read one and two last night, and just finished this one. Good work Steve, thanks Brian.

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