How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part One

interiordesigntips How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part One
The bachelor pad: a humble abode inhabited by men embarking upon their first steps towards adulthood, often dragging with them the remains of a youthful décor that would better furnish a local frat house. We’re not saying that moving in to your first place means it’s time to give up souvenirs of your adolescence, packing them away in the confines of your parent’s attic only to gather dust. What we’re saying is that as you mature as a man, your living space must mature as well. There are easy and affordable ways to display your interests and ‘MANorabilia’ in a creative and refined manner, shedding a positive light on the qualities that define you.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide you with room-by-room tips on how to turn your bachelor pad into the home of a sophisticated gentleman, starting off with the starting point of any space: the entryway.

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The Entryway

Although almost always a small space, never underestimate the power of an entryway in making a lasting and important first impression. Remember, upon opening that front door, your guest is venturing into your personal abode for the very first time; what greets their eyes will set the tone of what to expect from that point on. Here are a few clever ways to help you wow without saying a word.

Keep It Clean:

Keeping an area clean may seem like a no brainer, but the importance of making sure your entry is clutter free cannot be stressed enough. Whether you live alone or with a roommate, the simple task of hanging up your overcoat and tucking your shoes into their respectable place will immediately show your guest that you are organized, and conscientious.

By investing in small accessories like a quality wall shelf, hat rack, or shoe organizer, you can increase the functionality of a small space exponentially. Furthermore, don’t just settle for the mundane (this means you, IKEA), there are some cheap, creative options for organizing your outerwear, just take a look:
PR2000010172 card lg How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part One
Tip: Be weary of over organizing. The last thing you want is for your entryway to be a jungle of hooks and shoe trees. Be sure to take full advantage of any closets near by, as vast as your shoe collection may be, it doesn’t need to be on display.

It’s all about details:

The last thing you want to convey while attempting to make a good first impression is that you are about as interesting as a seminar on polynomial approximation, so take the initiative to fancy up those drab walls enclosing your entryway. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase personal attributes or interests that really speak to the type of person you are. Whether it is your favorite poster, or a place to store your bicycle, just remember that presentation is just as important as function.

For instance, if you want to hang a poster, leave your thumbtacks as housewarming gift for whomever inherits your old college dorm room. Properly framing a piece will accent the importance of the image it contains, as well as add a clean, sleek aesthetic to the space where it hangs. Feel free to get creative, organizing a series of images into a unique pattern or display.
Hang bike for decorative wall 600x337 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part One
If you need to use your entryway as a secondary storage area, take a page out of Jerry Seinfeld’s guide to apartment living and hang it. Uniquely displaying something as common as a bicycle can turn that object into a piece of art. Remember, content is only half the battle; context and presentation will drive the point home, turning a functional use of space into something beautiful.

A Bright Idea:

Natural light is often a forgotten feature within the design of low-cost dwellings, consequently leading to a dimly lit apartment in desperate need of a cheer up. With the majority of your light source radiating from a single stock fixture, adding a personal touch can really brighten up the room.
DSC 0021 How To Add A Refined Touch To Your Bachelor Pad: Part One
The addition of a GE Edison light bulb will have you crying out eureka. These long-life, low-energy bulbs named after the famed inventor offer a crisp, warm light that modern CF bulbs can’t compete with. Pairing an Edison bulb with a vintage fixture will add loads of character to your entryway for a relatively small investment.

Secondary lighting accessories, such as wall or standing lamps, are also an excellent way to bring a little light to any dismal entryway, but only when done correctly. Remember, a clutter free area is key, if you feel that adding a secondary lamp does more harm than good, cut your losses and walk away.
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As much as we wish our youthful spirit and good looks will be forever eternal, the act of growing up is inevitable. Rather than resisting adulthood, holding on to one’s fleeting college life, it’s time to roll with the punches and man up. Bring this level of maturity to your first bachelor pad and you will be sure to impress any late night guests.

Things To Remember:

Keep It Clean: A clutter-free space is a happy space. Be diligent in keeping your entryway clean and organized.
It’s All About Details: Be sure to accent your entryway with a personal artifact that emphasizes your interests. You only get one first impression, so guarantee it to be a good one by adding a little creative flair to this all-important greeting area.
A Bright Idea: Cheer up a dimly lit entryway by paying attention to details. Trading in a stock lighting fixture and bulb for something a tad more elegant will add a refined touch to your entryway, accentuating all the details you’ve worked so hard to organize.


Have any tips, tricks, or disaster stories to tell? Let us & your fellow readers know!


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  1. Lest we forget, these ideas also benefit older guys like me who find themselves bachelors after dissolutions of long marriages. It has given me the opportunity to start fresh and only bring in things that make me happy.

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