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5 Reasons To Keep Your Facial Hair

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There could be a possibility that after growing, maintaining and grooming facial for the last month – whether for Movember or No Shave November – you may have become attached to that manliness fuzz covering your face. Now, you have a decision to make. To shave or not to shave.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to keep your new manly addition, we’re offering some advice. Keep the beard. Why? Check out the top 5 reasons why you should keep your facial hair. We think this will be an easy, and obvious, choice to make.

5. You Don’t Have to Shave

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Fact.Shaving isn’t fun. It’s a tedious task that many of us have to do as a daily routine that results in irritating razor burn. Shaving also eats up a lot of time. Boston University calculated that some guys could spend 139 days of their lives shaving. And, that’s not even mentioning the cost. Shaving can get pricey – what with all the blades, creams, and oils we use throughout our lives.

4. Beards Can Make the Man

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Beards, and facial hair in general, just look cool. Just imagine Abe Lincoln or George Lucas without beards. If you want to keep your stache, just remember Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds. Legends. These men just wouldn’t be the same without beards. Need further proof on a beard can make man? Remember Kip from Napoleon Dynamite? Major dweeb. Check out actor Aaron Ruell with a beard. A total 180.

3. The Historical Views of Beards

Throughout history and various cultures, the beard was a sign of leadership, wisdom, virility, and prestige. How important were beards? Otto the Great – who many consider as the founder of the Holy Roman Empire – swore by his beard whenever he said anything serious.

2. The Health Benefits

Yes, beards can also be good for your health as well. Beards can protect your skin from sun exposure and acne, blocks allergens, prevents throat and gum disease and insulates your neck so that you won’t catch a cold. Just make watch to clean it frequently, but you don’t want food and germs to live inside your beard. That would just defeat the health benefits.

1. Beards Are Just Better. Seriously.

A study from the University of South Wales discovered that men with beards are perceived to be more attractive, masculine, healthy and better fathers. That study should solve the debate right there. Perception is everything, after-all.


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