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5 Skincare Products Worth Stealing From Your Girlfriend

buzz cut hairstyles for men 5 Skincare Products Worth Stealing From Your Girlfriend
Girl’s bathrooms are all too often overflowing with a veritable bevy of skincare products. We hoard the stuff, and with good reason – women’s skincare products are awesome. In fact, it’s kind of unfair that women have such a large arsenal of skincare products to choose from, while men’s skincare products are still playing catch-up.

The men’s skincare market may be blowing up right now, but with new brands, few reputations, and little trust built up around these products, we figured it might just be safer to stick with the well-established market leaders. Hence, Everyguyed has compiled this useful list of 5 tried-and-true skincare products to steal from your girlfriend, or for that matter, any woman in your life. For the record though, we don’t literally mean steal. You’re a man, you can buy your own stuff.

1) Cleansing facial wipes

We’re at a loss as to why cleansing facial wipes don’t exist for men yet, but they’re pretty much the most convenient skincare product in the market right now. They’re single-use towelettes that cleanse your face of oil, dirt, sweat, exfoliating your skin, and moisturizing all at once. These portable cloths are great for traveling, sweaty summer days, when you’re running late, or between leaving the office and hitting the patio.

There’s a plethora of brands to choose from, but we especially like Olay’s Wet Cleansing Cloths, which are infused with vitamin E to nourish and moisturize your skin.

2) The loofah

For most items on this list you can use your ladies stash for a test run before you grab your own, but not when it comes to the loofah, since that’s pretty much the definition of unsanitary.

Women use these shower poofs religiously, which is what every guy should do. Yes, yes, we know that the words ‘shower poof’ is not the most manly of terms, but let’s put it this way: Would you wash your car without a cloth? Or your dishes without some sort of brush? Probably not, since simple soap and water can only do so much.

The same concept applies to your skin. Fortunately, Axe has recently come out with the Axe Detailer, which is a fantastically useful shower tool that works up a good lather, exfoliates your skin, and really gives you a deep clean that you can feel, all without threatening your masculinity. Just make sure not to go nuts, since you are taking off some new skin along with the old, dead stuff. Once a week or so in the winter months, twice in the summer.

3) Pore strips

For all of you who have stared at the mirror in dismay, observing the blackheads and clogged pores on your nose that just refuse to budge no matter how many times you scrub your face, this is the product for you. All you have to do is wash your face, stick one of these strips on your nose, wait 10-15 minutes, then peel it off. Viola; dirt, blackheads, and anything else stuck in your pores are instantly pulled out.

Boiré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are definitely the superior choice out of all the pore strips out there. With weekly use the visible appearance of your pores will be significantly reduced. The only downside? Pulling off the strip kind of hurts…but man up, because if your 15 year-old sister can do it, you can too.

4) Medicated concealer sticks

Let’s just get this straight: Yes, concealer is technically makeup, but for all intents and purposes, it’s not really makeup when it’s a medicated concealer stick. These useful little sticks are more like erasers for your face. Thank god the pubescent days of rampant acne have passed, but every now and then a stray zit or embarrassing blemish will appear on your skin, and that’s where the medicated concealer stick comes in.

Murad makes an especially well-recommended stick, just dab where needed and you’re ready to go. The formula will work to fight the zit/clogged pore/bug bite/whatever’s murking up your visage, while the tint simultaneously hides whatever needs hiding. It even works on black eyes after bar fights (ok, not the formula but the tint).

5) Body Lotion

This product is so basic, it was almost not included… Until it was revealed by a quick poll in the office that body lotion is actually a not-so-basic choice for the average guy. C’mon guys, really? Dry skin, like dandruff, is an unsightly but easily resolved problem: just slap some lotion on it.

Moisturized skin is softer, smoother and will help you maintain healthier, more youthful skin. Don’t mix up moisturized skin with ‘girly’-ness; because on the flip side, leathery, flaky skin is not manly, it’s just gross.
Any moisturizer will do, to be honest. Make sure to pick one that matches your skin type and climate. There are lotions for those with sensitive or oily skin, lotions with SPF protection or bronzer, unscented or scented, you get the idea.

Extra Tips & Tricks:

• It’s perfectly ok to replace your face wash with cleansing towelettes. They do the same thing, are quicker, and more convenient anyway (albeit, a bit more expensive).
• Always moisturize post-shower, especially if you’re using an exfoliating loofah/detailer. Your skin will soak up the hydrating goodness much more easily.
• Only use pore strips once a week. ONCE. Trust us, bad things happen if you over-use these.
• When using a medicated concealer stick, make sure to always wash it off at the end of the day so that your skin can breathe and heal.


We hate to say it, but these days one’s appearance matters more than ever, and a clean, well-kept, professional man should always have a proper skincare regimen. While it may sound a bit silly at first, there are definite benefits to using traditional women’s skincare products. Millions upon millions of women must be using them for a reason, right? Some of them are more convenient, better quality, used for obvious reasons that males stubbornly refuse to acknowledge, or overall are just plain genius. However, if you’re still not feeling too enthusiastic about using female-marketed products (it’s just the packaging, we swear), then you can always visit a men’s grooming site like FinerCut for product suggestions as well.

  • Just because these products haven’t been packaged in manly containers by manly brands doesn’t mean they don’t work for men
  • Using a greater variety of skincare products is hygienic, not feminine
  • All of these basic products will yield immediate, and long term improvements in your skins health
  • Your girlfriend will effing love it



Have a favorite skincare product that you’ve secretly been using whenever you’re at your girlfriend’s place? Clue us in here, and don’t worry, we won’t tell her.

Sophia Herbst

Sophia Herbst

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