The Basics of Men’s Underwear

the basics of mens underwear The Basics of Mens Underwear

Men’s underwear. The beating pulse of every guy’s wardrobe, and yet often the most neglected part of it.

We understand, underwear is practically destined to be an afterthought; often inexpensive, seldom seen, and available in a stiffing variety of styles, patterns, and colors.

With that in mind, Everyguyed has assembled a brief (pun intended) guide to upgrading your undergarments to achieve a new level of confidence, and cohesive style.

Choose the Building Block of your Briefs

Most guys select underwear based on their style and fit, with color and pattern coming a close second.

What every guy should really consider first is the material they’re selecting.

Remember, this is the closest a piece of cloth is ever going to get to your body, so what it’s made of will inform how it feels at first touch, after a day of wear, and as the mercury rises and drops.


If you live in warm climates, cotton is the fabric of choice.

Affordable, long-lasting, and easy to wash and wear, cotton is the ideal choice for the low-maintenance man. Pretty much a go to fabric available in any style of underwear, the only perceived downside of cotton is that it lacks the more technical moisture-wicking capabilities of more technical fabrics and synthetic blends.

So if you encounter enough physical exertion in your everyday life that you find yourself sweating, you might want to upgrade to a blended tech fabric to keep you cool and comfortable.


For the man who loves sports, nylon underwear fabrics are extremely versatile.

Great to wear for short intervals when vigorous activity is inevitable, Nylon offers you dimensional stability and elastic recovery, resulting for greater freedom and flexibility. Just like cotton, nylon/spandex are great for sweaty situations, but lack the natural softness and comfort preferable for all-day wear.


Silk is pretty much the perfect underwear fabric. Although you might not find more body-hugging styles like briefs available in silk – at least not 100% silk – you will find a wide array to choose from.

Silk is without a doubt the softest and most comfortable choice listed here, with fantastic moisture-wicking and drying capabilities.

The only downside? A lot of guys don’t like that ‘sheen’ characteristic of silk, since it reminds them of bad romance novels and has a not-so-hot connotation of a Casanova.

Remember, this is the closest a piece of cloth is ever going to get to your body.



A classic, and for good reason, the brief provides support, comfort, and simplicity with its design.

Long relegated as the underwear of your father and grandfather, briefs have seen a renaissance as of late, with major designers and brands updating the garment with higher-quality brushed cottons, more modern cuts, and contrasting piping along the edges.


Boxers are one of the great developments in men’s underwear. Comfortable, casual, and cool, boxers look great on any guy and span any price range or pattern.

The only downside? Boxers have become a canvas for kitchsy patterns and obscene slogans. Your best bet is to stick a simple pair in solid colors or with a basic pattern.

Feel that boxers bulk up too much under your pants? Many designers are now trimming the excess material from the design, with the result being almost a deconstructed boxer-brief.

Boxer Briefs

Here’s the item of choice when you’re face with a day of infinite possibilities.  Available in tight and loose fits, along with various designs that span thigh length and waistlines, you can’t go wrong with sporting the Boxer Brief.

Looks great with all genres of pants and possesses the style of the boxer while staying true to the function of the brief, it’s no coincidence that it’s a popular choice.

Boxers are one of the great developments in men’s underwear. Comfortable, casual, and cool, boxers look great on any guy and span any price range or pattern.


  • Underwear is often an afterthought, but it’s actually an important part of any man’s wardrobe
  • Your lifestyle dictates your fabric and fit
  • Selecting a few pairs in each style and material is an inexpensive way to make sure you have any situation covered.


Have a story of undergarment anarchy? Know a great brand as a great price? Let us and your fellow readers know!


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