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Top 10 Denim Trends

Top10 Denim Trends1 Top 10 Denim Trends

Cravat winner, The Denim Guy must have loved the continuing growth of the denim market in 2010. That said, he’s given us this comprehensive look at the leading trends in this market for the last year.

Military / Old Americana

Military Top 10 Denim Trends

Fall 2010 was all about paying homage to the fabrics and spirit of Old Americana and workwear. 4 Stroke introduced Birthright Blue for Fall 2010. It was inspired by parent company Aalfs Manufacturing and read like a playbook from America’s rich denim heritage.


Corduroy Top 10 Denim Trends

Cords might not be denim, but many of the denim lines came out with their own version of this durable fabric this year. Paige Premium Denim even released black cords, which provide the best of both worlds: comfort and the ability to take them from day to night.

The Return of Black Denim

Blackdenim Top 10 Denim Trends

We finally saw some options outside varying shades of blue. Black gives denim that extra touch of dressiness without the formality of a trouser.

Distressed Denim

Distressed Denim Top 10 Denim Trends

Beat-up jeans are America’s gift to the world of style. In 2010 we saw a wide range of designers tap into this trend and give distressed jeans a softer, springier feeling! AG JEANS really paved the way in for this trend in 2010.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jacket Top 10 Denim Trends

With the return of double dipping brings the return of a denim jacket. In 2010 we saw guys pulling out their old denim jackets and we also saw some new denim jackets hit the sales floor.

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim Top 10 Denim Trends

Heard that denim on denim is a big faux pas? Not in 2010! Denim on denim runway looks for summer had everyone talking! For a while, denim on denim has been considered acceptable as long as the shades varied, to give the look of different materials. But in 2010, denim on denim of the same color (usually a lighter denim) in one outfit is hot! Even The Denim Guy was a bit apprehensive about the Denim on Denim trend, or what I like to call Double Dipping, but I finally gave in for 2010, and loved it.

Cuffed and Rolled

Cuffed and Rolled Top 10 Denim Trends

Show me some ankle! One of this years biggest new trends was upturned cuffs. Why do I love the cuff trend so much? Shoes: The days of not being able to show off your favorite shoes are long gone! By cuffing or rolling your denim, you’re able to show off your great new footwear.

Relaxed Slim

Relaxed Slim Top 10 Denim Trends

For some of us slim is too skinny and straight has become too baggy. I was happy to welcome the introduction of the Relaxed Slim fit. While this was not an obvious trend, more and more men are being introduced to this awesome fit, and this trend will only grow in 2011. The Jared is 7 For All Mankind’s relaxed slim jean. It has a natural waist and roomy hip, comfortable thigh and knee, and a slimmed down leg opening. The Jared has a slightly longer rise, button fly, and is meant to be worn low for a slouchy look.

Skinny Straight

Skinny straight Top 10 Denim Trends

Not ready to borrow your kid sister’s jeans? Then say hello to the skinny straight. Not quite straight leg, not quite skinny, these are the pair for the guy who likes both styles and can’t decide, or who just wants to be on trend without having to go “skinny”. WeSC’s Sturdy feeling stretch denim in a dark wash has a button-fly and signature back pocket stitch detailing. Works for most body types.

Denim Sweats

Denim sweats Top 10 Denim Trends

What? Yes you read correct. Major designers introduced the sweat pant in their fall 2010 collections. The great thing about denim is the element of surprise: There are always those elements that you’d never think would be shown like the. No one is saying it should be a replacement for a trouser but It’s a great alternative to gym clothes, or on a long flight to from L.A. to New York. I love to rock my Genetic Denim Benjies on that 5 hour flight.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts Top 10 Denim Trends

Shorts were of immediate interest during hot summer days of 2010. They are comfortable and practical. Spring / summer 2010 season presented the return of ultrashort denim shorts. Finding the best denim shorts is no easy task but I happen to love this pair by GENETIC DENIM.

The Denim Guy

The Denim Guy Top 10 Denim Trends

I never could have imagined then that my love and passion for the fashion industry would take me in the direction that it has. I have always had a drive, felt that I needed to know more, needed to truly understand how this industry works, and become one of its decision-makers. This passion has led me from a degree in fashion, through to my first job with ‘Project Global Trade Show’, ‘Dubai American Fashion Week’, and finally, to The Denim Guy. The Denim Guy aims to guide those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest in fashion trends, a collective community of trend-setters and industry leaders that share that a passion similar to mine.

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