Sweaters 101

sweaters 101 Sweaters 101

It’s starting to get cold outside and you really don’t want to have to put on that hideous reindeer sweater with a light-up nose your mother was ecstatic about buying last Christmas.

And thanks to this guide to sweaters by EveryGuyed, you never have to again.

So shred that sweater and use it for kindle, because with these great options you’ll never have to rely on your mother’s tastes in knitwear anymore. Just be sure to come up with a good excuse when she asks you to wear it at her annual Christmas party. That we definitely can’t help you out with.

The Pull Over

The most basic of sweaters, the pull over is probably the easiest to dress up for the office and dress down for drinks with the guys. With a variety of styles, colors and materials to choose from, you can easily shake up your winter wardrobe.

The V Neck

Just as its title suggests, the v-shaped neck makes this pullover the perfect piece for layering. Add a dress shirt underneath for a classic office look or pair with some jeans for a great weekend outfit on your getaway ski trip.

The Crew Neck

Simple, versatile, and like its brother the v-neck, perfect for layering. Less is more when it comes to what you can see with the crew neck, and a peak of a dress shirt collar is all you need to demonstrate your suave winter style.

The Turtle Neck

Don’t be so quick to judge this winter weather staple – because turtlenecks can come in a variety of thickness and material, these longneck sweaters can even be used as a layering piece. Try pairing a finely knit turtleneck underneath a blazer with a pair of great jeans for a more casual outfit.

The Cardigan

Not just for the seniors crowd anymore, the cardigan is another option for you to don during the winter months. This buttoned-up sweater is not just a winter staple, it’s an all-year round necessity. Cardigans were practically invented for layering – don’t be afraid to experiment with dress shirts, t-shirts and various accessories like ties and scarves to bring out your winter style.

The Collared Sweater

If you just can’t see yourself wearing a turtleneck, the collared sweater is another great option for keeping your neck safe from the wrath of Mother Nature. Collared and shawl neck sweaters not only keep you warm in the winter, but the great collar will draw attention to your face – so that cute girl can look you directly in the eye and say “nice sweater”.

The Sweater Vest

We’re not joking when we say that the sweater vest is not something to should be ashamed of. It’s also not something you should make fun of your grandpa for wearing.

In fact, the sweater vest, if done right, can be a great every day piece for you to include in your winter wardrobe. Argyle and patterned sweater vests will look great with a basic colored dress shirt, whereas a single-colored sweater vest will go great with any dress shirt that has similar tones.


Now that you’re educated on all things sweater, finding the right material to keep you from shivering in the cold is essential to your winter style.

Look for sweaters in cashmere, merino, Shetland, and lambs wool or cotton.

Cashmere, Shetland, lambs wool and merino wool are not only great at keeping you insulated, but won’t add extra, unwanted bulk when layering.

Cotton is a great material for something like a cardigan or a collared sweater – it not only makes your sweater warm but you’ll want to wear it all the time for its comfort. Staying warm and looking good has never been this easy.


  • Stay warm this winter with any one of many sweater styles: the pullover, the cardigan, the collared sweater and the sweater vest. Each piece looks great when layered with a shirt to complete your winter wardrobe.
  • Pullovers commonly come in three styles:  turtleneck, v neck and crew neck. Each is great for layering and translates easily from work to home.
  • A cardigan is no longer just a winter item – wear this piece all year round or layer up for warmth.
  • Have you tried a collared sweater yet? The unique collar not only looks great, but will also keep you nice and toasty.
  • Not just for the old folks, sweater vests are a great choice. Don’t knock it until you try it.
  • Choose materials like wool or cotton for maximum warmth. Not only will you stay warm, but look great too.


Afraid you can’t pull off the sweater vest? Worried what you’ll look like in a cardigan? EveryGuyed is here to help.


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  1. I need sweaters that will add to my warmth factor when I’m commuting to and from work but will not be too hot when I’m in the office. I go for cashmere when I can because it’s warm and thin. I’d like to buy cotton sweaters but the shape (especially around the waist and the around the wrists just doesn’t hold up. You pull up your sleeves and when you pull them down they’re huge. So, what’s a guy to do?

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