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Fashion Tips for Tall Men

fashion tips for tall men Fashion Tips for Tall Men
Tall men are some of the most neglected in fashion. It’s a curious situation, given how much emphasis that society places on height for men. Women love a man who’s taller, and big men always get picked first for grade school basketball teams; but just the same, they’re condemned to shopping in specialty stores.

However, the tall man can still look dapper.; and EveryGuyed’s Fashion Tips For Tall Men will help get you looking your best.

The Illusion of Width

The most common problem tall men encounter is an issue of proportions. Appearing tall and thin can appear disconcerting, so you need to add width to that frame to achieve proportions that people will find aesthetically pleasing.

Sound complicated? It’s actually pretty simple; here are some common ways you can look your best as a big man.

  • Horizontal lines: Don’t go overboard, but some subtle horizontal lines will help you fill out and create the illusion of width.
  • Big patterns: With a larger canvas to work with, you can take advantage of bigger patterns. Things that might be a fashion mistake on a smaller man are a bold choice on a big man; just use your judgment here, since too much of anything can be a disaster.
  • Wider pieces: Things like neckties and lapels can be worn in their wider incarnations; Andre Leon Talley, Vogue’s editor-at-large, is six-foot-six, and unafraid to use wide lapels, big patterns, and neckties.
  • Separate your look: Dressing head to toe in one color is disastrous for anybody, but the big man should take special care, or else he’ll look like one great big color block. Break up your large frame with differing, but complimentary, colors.
  • Good Fits: All your clothing should take your height into consideration. This doesn’t just mean buying suits from the ‘big and tall’ section, but instead making sure your pants are cuffed (uncuffed pants create even more height), you avoid suits with too many buttons (which draws the eye upward), and steer clear of baggy clothing in general. Being a big man exaggerates nearly every crease and fold, so a good fit counts for a lot.

Great Pieces

Here are a few pieces that the tall man should definitely keep on hand, and will always look great.

  • It’s hard for a tall man to go wrong with a double breasted jacket. The addition of width in the midsection is appealing, and a tall man will never look squat in this piece.
  • The classic American Ivy league piece, the sack suit is a suit that’s cut without any shoulder padding at all. A great choice for the big man.
  • Some tall men have longer necks than average, making them look a little awkward. A polo shirt has a widening effect on the neck, as does a spread collar dress shirt, balancing the look out.
  • When wearing a suit, the big man’s shape can be at its worst, with the expanse of color on the shirt showing off his height. To fix this, consider a three-piece suit, whose waistcoat can break up the entire look on your frame.


Tall men, like any other men, should use clothing to hide any potential flaws or problems that their height might bring.

  • To dampen the effect of their height, tall men should be trying to add width to their look.
  • Horizontal lines, big patterns, wide pieces, and well-fitting pieces should all be options that a big man keeps in mind.
  • More specifically, the tall man should keep a few flattering pieces of clothing on permanent standby in his closet:
  • Double breasted suits, sack suits, polo shirts, spread-collar shirts, and waistcoats are all useful for varying reasons.


Got a tall man-related clothing problem? Want to share the secret of where NBA stars buy their suits? Use the comments box below to get a discussion going!


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