How to Take Care of Your Neckties

how to take care of your neckties 1 How to Take Care of Your Neckties

It’s hard to find a men’s style guide without a section dedicated solely to care and maintenance of clothing. To that end, this EveryGuyed article focuses on caring for one of the most neglected, yet most essential pieces of menswear: the necktie.

Despite having its own rules for care and maintenance, the necktie is an essentially easy to care for accessory. A properly maintained necktie will last a lifetime, and can save you a fortune when you consider replacing those expensive accessories.

Daily Care Notes

how to take care of your neckties 2 How to Take Care of Your Neckties

There are a few things you can do to keep your necktie looking its best when you’re wearing it.

  • Once tied, the end of the necktie should never extend below your belt buckle.
  • Most neckties are silk, and don’t hold up well to repeated cleanings. Tucking a napkin into your shirt may be an awkward look, but unless you know of some foolproof way to stay stain-free during a meal, this is your safest bet without removing your tie. Only do it if you’re in a food court, or in the privacy of your office. A lunch meeting? Consider the tie a casualty should it suffer a fatal stain.
  • As with shoes, try not to wear neckties two days in a row – giving them a break will help them retain shape and keep them looking crisp.
  • When undoing a non-releasing knot, undo the knot properly. Tugging on it to release the knot will only stretch the tie out of shape; take the time to untie it much you like you initially knotted it.

Tie Care & Cleaning

how to take care of your neckties 3 How to Take Care of Your Neckties

  • Ties should be stored upright, so a tie rack is indispensable addition to your closet. Gravity will do the hard work of keeping wrinkles out, and the darkness of your closet will keep the colors bright.
  • Many ties are dry-clean only. Just the same, the chemicals and presses used can make a tie lose its shape and luster, so dry cleaning should be a last resort.
  • When a tie gets too wrinkly, you should not iron it, under any circumstances. An iron can fade colors and press ties in awkward ways. Try hanging them in a shower with the water turned up as hot as you can; 10-15 minutes in this steamy environment will ease even the toughest wrinkle. Just make sure not to get them in direct contact with water.

Other Notes

how to take care of your neckties 4 How to Take Care of Your Neckties

  • Tie clips and tie bars are meant to be worn only with full-width ties, but Mods and other youth subcultures have broken these old rules, ultimately making them acceptable. Avoid keeping them on too long as they can puncture or crimp ties if you’re not careful.
  • If you intend on traveling often, consider investing in a necktie case, a leather zip folio that will keep your ties safe during travel. In a pinch, ties can be rolled and tucked into a clean pair of black socks.
  • The maintenance and care of bow ties is largely the same as for regular neckties. Rest them, don’t leave them knotted, and hang them on a tie-rack if possible.
  • We have no advice for the bolo tie. Except throw yours out, now.


Did we miss some invaluable tip for necktie care? Do you have some great secret to getting out red wine stains? Use the comment box below to help your fellow men look their best!


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