5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men

timeless eyeglasses for men 5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men
Having a classic pair of eyeglasses is essential to any modern man’s wardrobe.

The timeless elegance of a good pair of glasses can elevate a man from geek to chic, and having your own back catalogue of staples to choose from is the first step in building a solid accessories wardrobe.

Horn-rimmed Glasses

timeless eyeglasses for men2 5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men
Originally referring to frames made of horn or tortoise shell, most horn-rimmed glasses are made from plastics. Today, Horn-rimmed glasses are available in huge variety, and are easily suited to your wardrobe.

Gaining popularity during the 1930s, the horn-rimmed glasses movement grew in the 1950s with the emergence of Buddy Holly.

Sported by celebrities as diverse as Pharrell Williams to Johnny Depp, horn-rimmed glasses are amazingly flexible between different styles, and easily earn their place in the realm of timeless eyewear.

Browline Glasses

timeless eyeglasses for men3 5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men
Invented in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach of Shuron Ltd., Browline glasses made up almost half of all the eyeglasses sold during the 1950s.

These Half frames have a retro feel to them, and you can easily infuse the elegance and sophistication of icons like James Dean, or Malcolm X, to give you that classic ‘Mad Men’ feel.

But don’t think Browlines are limited to a vintage vibe.

The Browline can easily be combined with any outfit, elevating your look to a new stylistic cool. If anything, people will just think you’re smarter, at least that’s why we think Kanye West tends to sport these classic frames.

Round-Framed Glasses

timeless eyeglasses for men4 5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men
Glasses have a reputation to be worn by intellectuals, and Round-Framed glasses are associated with great intellectual thinkers, writers, and architects.

Think, Le Corbusier, Philip Johnson, Gandhi, and as easy as these guys make it look, they are a much harder look to pull off.

The key is the personality behind the frame in this case, as Mr. Chow definitely proved.

It’s a look that needs to be owned and worked without forgiveness. Despite this, they definitely have a timeless appeal for a person of definite character.

Aviator Framed Glasses

timeless eyeglasses for men5 5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men
There might be some creepy uncle notions out there about Aviator Framed Glasses, but these classic frames definitely have a timeless quality to them.

Released by Ray-Ban in 1938, the frame has since gained popularity from celebrities like Hunter S. Thompson, Michael Jackson, and Tom Cruise.

The aviator look is surprisingly versatile depending on the material you choose them in.

Metal frames can give a rugged masculinity, or achieve an old-school nerd vibe. While tortoise shell or black acetate can really elevate the casualness of an aviator to rich sophistication as proven by Persol’s Ratti Aviator Frames sported by everyone from Jay-Z to Jared Leto.

Rimless Glasses

timeless eyeglasses for men6 5 Timeless Eyeglass Frames for Men
Last but not least, rimless glasses are a great contemporary approach to eye glasses. With an invisibility factor to the lenses, keeping the temple pieces thin and crisp make for a very smart look.

This look has a minimalist sophistication that makes a statement in itself. Choosing rectangular lenses does well for rimless glasses, but don’t shy away from thicker temples for drama. Teetering between tradition and the future, these frames easily make our list.


The right pair of glasses can quickly and easily elevate your look, and choosing a classic frame that will last you for life is what being classified timeless is all about.

  • Horn-Rimmed glasses are popular thick rimmed glasses of plastic or acetate (Johnny Depp).
  • Browline Glasses are classic frames from the 1950s still relevant today (James Dean).
  • Round-Framed Glasses are intellectual and personality driven (Mr. Chow).
  • Aviator Framed Glasses are masculine, chic, and original (Jay-Z).
  • Rimless Glasses are classic, clean, and minimal (Ryan Phillippe).


See something that was missed? Looking for your own great pair? Want to know where you can grab these styles? Any other suggestions or queries? Let us know your feedback in our comment section below!


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  1. I love the eyeglasses shown here and on the Framegeek blog. I need help, however. I have a very thin, oblong face and would like to find a pair of acetate or titanium frames that looks great. Do you know of any company which specializes in thin faces? Male, obviously.

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