5 Outdated Men’s Fashions That Still Have Their Charm

5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm 1 5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm
As everyone knows, fashions and trends always come around full circle. With the advent of shows like Mad Men and films like The Godfather staying as popular as ever, we can even see the return of things like ascots in some crowds.

Here at EveryGuyed we’ve created a list of 5 ‘outdated’ men’s fashions that still have their charm today – five items you should keep watch out for, and just how to wear them.

The Ascot

Commonly worn as work attire in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the ascot tie is a descendent from the cravat. The wide, formal tie was classified as morning dress, and is most commonly seen at weddings today.
5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm 2 5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm
Don’t be so quick to dismiss this classic neckwear. Worn underneath a white dress shirt, you can see this add a touch of that classic European flair to your look. Modern style icons like Jeremy Piven and Al Pacino in The Godfather, have got the idea right, and a great examples to follow.

The Horn Rimmed Glasses

We’re seeing more and more homages to the past when it comes to eyewear. Horn-rimmed glasses first appeared in 1910 and are made from a mix of horn and tortoise shell and are characterized by their lack of nose pads. Their simplicity and appealing look make them a perfect eyewear choice.
5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm 3 5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm
The simpler the better, and it’s largely irrelevent if you go with a round-lens frame like Harold Lloyd, or square like Elvis Costello or Rivers Cuomo. A great bit of geek chic, an investment in a pair of horn rimmed glasses won’t ever go out of style.

The Suspender

Though suspenders originally served the purpose of keeping trousers up, suspenders today serve more as a fashion accessory than a practical tool. If you’re planning to wear suspenders, avoid this pitfall.

If you’ve got trousers with buttons for suspenders, use them. Don’t draw attention to them like so many skinny hipsters today, but wear them as a practical addition to your outfit. Icons like Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko wear suspenders not because they’re cool; but because they work.
5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm 4 5 Outdated Mens Fashions That Still Have Their Charm

The Pocket Square

The pocket square is the perfect addition to your suit, and adds the perfect pop to really make you stand out. A close relative of the handkerchief, the pocket square is a great addition to any blazer or suit.

Keep it simple, sticking with basic folds or puffs that keep the pocket square understated

Keep it simple, sticking with basic folds or puffs that keep the pocket square visible, but understated. Mad Men’s Don Draper has the right idea, as does Prince William of Wales, who seems to have inherited his mother’s looks, but his father’s keen eye for dress.

The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket always falls out of fashion, and always comes roaring right back, just a few years later. A piece of workwear that’s been adopted by nearly everyone, from Peter Fonda, to Bruce Springsteen, the widespread appeal of the denim jacket is still pretty stunning.

A piece of working class wear, the denim jacket’s toughness and durability is where its appeal comes from, so mix it with similarly tough pieces. Black Dickies work pants and patched up khakis work well, in creating a timeless rebellious look. Just don’t double up your denim with a pair of matching jeans.


Things never really go out of style; they just go into hibernation for a few years. Here are a few pieces that keep coming back:

  • The Ascot: A charming bit of neckwear, great for that rakish look. Think Al Pacino in The Godfather, or Jeremy Piven.
  • Horn-rimmed glasses: A classic eyewear solution, their minimalism and simplicity keep them ever popular, and impossibly versatile.
  • Pocket Squares: A simple touch that adds all the elegance in the world. Great examples include Prince William, and Don Draper.
  • Suspenders: A timeless bit of practical simplicity, just remember to keep them practical. Suspenders should never be an affectation; always a practical choice. Think Gordon Gekko.
  • Denim jacket: A bit of stylish working wear, use the denim jacket as part of a tough looking wardrobe. Pair with similarly ragged pieces. Springsteen and Kanye have the right idea here.


What goes around comes around, and no truer words have been spoken when it comes to fashion. With style icons like Al Pacino to thank for defining pieces like the denim jacket and the ascot in fashion history. Just don’t try and mix all five together if you’re feeling nostalgic…


Questions about outdated fashions? Confused about your pocket squares? Leave us a comment below.


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  1. I don’t think you can honestly claim that pocket squares, suspenders, horn rimmed glasses and ascots are outdated fashions and not, in fact, trending right now.

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