Guide To Men’s Jeans

Guide To Buying Mens Jeans Guide To Mens Jeans

There are many factors that go in to buying the perfect pair of jeans, but there are two main ones: wash and cut. Once a simple piece of casual attire, the increasing quality of denim and expanded offering in shops has brought it into the forefront of fashion. Here’s some simple tips when shopping for your next pair of jeans.

The Wash

When you consider the wash of your jeans, you should first answer two questions; where will you be wearing them, and what other jean washes do you own? If you are going to be wearing your jeans to the office, then a dark wash will make your jeans avoid looking too casual. But if you want jeans for a more relaxed look then indigo washes work perfectly.
Different jean designers use different washes. Many use chemical washes, but Edwin Jeans at Oi-Polloi.com is one of the few brands that still hand-dye their cotton with natural indigo, producing much richer, deeper colored denim.

The Cut

This is where it gets tricky. The right cut can work wonders on your confidence as well as your figure, whereas the wrong fit can seriously inhibit your ability to look and feel good every time you put them on.

The Skinny Jean: not for the faint of heart, skinny cuts are best left to the seriously slim; those who have the confidence and the look (think classic punk or mod). Word of warning, just because your jeans are skinny doesn’t mean we should see your crack when you bend over. Skinny if a cut, tight is just a problem with the fit.

The Straight Leg: most men can pull off a straight leg cut with ease. If you’re unsure of which jeans to go for, opt for these. They’re a classic look, and always flattering.

Tapered Cut: If you love the look of skinny jeans but lack the physique, then a tapered cut is a nice compromise. Often combined with a drop-crotch, these jeans are comfortable while having the added benefit of a more refined, slimming shape.

Loose Fit: “Loose Fit” no longer means baggy, many companies offer designs with a mid/high rise that flatter the body while proving a forgiving silhouette.

Bootcut: These saw a brief stint of popularity a few years, but have fallen to the wayside somewhat in favor of the other cuts mentioned above. Meant to be worn with boots, these jeans feature a slight flare at the cuff to accommodate your footwear.

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