What’s The Skinny On Naked & Famous’ ‘Scratch and Sniff’ Jeans?

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Ever since Brandon Svarc and Bahzad Trinos founded Naked & Famous Denim in 2008, has there been a brand that has captured the attention of not only the fashion world, but also the tech world?

The Canadian brand, known for launching the Japanese Selvedge denim revolution, has developed a cult-following thanks in part to developing and manufacturing denim that has been blended with steel, changes color, glows in the dark, and even paired with condoms. There’s also the recent debut of their Telfon jeans, which allows you to keep your jeans clean –  since the nonstick coating will allow debris to literally roll-off the denim. And, there’s also the recent batch of ‘Scratch and Sniff’ denim.

Brandon Svarc announced ‘Scratch and Sniff’ denim back in 2011, which were later included in the label’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The idea was simple enough. Scratch your denim and the scent of raspberry candy would appear. How was this effect created? By having cleverly placed mini micro-capsules combined with a special coating. Each capsule had a type of “perfume” inside, so when scratched, the scent was released. The brand applied this scent to the rich 12 oz. indigo denim wash in the ‘Weird Guy’ fit. Retail price for the jeans were $150.

For the latest round of ‘Scratch and Sniff’ denim, Naked & Famous has developed a wintergreen scent for their world-famous jeans. The idea remains the same. Just scratch the denim and the baked-in micro-capsules will break open releasing a minty scent.

Perhaps the only downside surrounding these ‘Scratch and Sniff’ jeans is that they will only survive 10 washes. So, if you thought that you could get away with not washing your jeans, you only have a limited number of wearings to get away before doing laundry.

The ‘Scratch and Sniff’ jeans are currently being shipped to 30 countries and will set you back $158.

We’re not exactly sure if you need a pair of jeans that you can actually scratch and sniff, especially at that price, but it’s interesting novelty idea that could be a big hit when out and about. It’s a great way to break the ice with women. And, Naked & Famous are known for quality jeans. So, at least you know that you’re still investing in a top-notch pair of jeans – regardless of the novel idea.

If you absolutely need a pair, we suggest you grab them asap. We have a feeling that these ‘Scratch and Sniff’ jeans will run of stock very quickly.

What do you think? Would you be willing to spend over $150 on a pair of ‘Scratch and Sniff’ jeans?

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