How to Buy Vintage

In case you haven’t heard, vintage/thrift shopping is no longer solely an occupation for teenagers, hipsters, and the working poor. There’s treasure to be found between the moth eaten racks…
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Facial/Body Hair

How to Build A Complete Shaving Kit

Shaving. Never has there been more manly a pursuit. Now there may be naysayers out there who argue that a full beard is a true measure of manliness, but there’s…
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How to Take Care of Your Neckties

It’s hard to find a men’s style guide without a section dedicated solely to care and maintenance of clothing. To that end, this EveryGuyed article focuses on caring for one…
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How to Properly Care for Your Shoes

Ever notice that when you’re trying to lock eyes with a girl on the street, she’s all too often staring down at the ground? It’s because she’s checking out your…
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