Top 5 Innovative Eyewear

top 5 innovative eyewear Top 5 Innovative Eyewear

Former EveryGuyed writer Shareen Sandhu has come back to lend us her insight into the past year in eyewear. Regular Frame Geek readers will attest to her knowledge and ability. A sharp look at the 5 most innovative sets of eyewear from 2010.

5. Madsaki & Effector “fuzz – Killer Whale” Glasses

madsaki Top 5 Innovative Eyewear
What’s black and white and geek chic all over? Definitely these frames by Madsaki & Effector, creating a ‘killer whale’ effect of black and white splashed all over the frame.

4. Ørgreen & Arne Jacobsen Limited Edition Swan Chairs & Frames

orgreen Top 5 Innovative Eyewear
A furniture company collaborating with an eyewear company? Unheard of. But it worked when these two companies came together to create a limited edition line of frames and chairs.

3. Super & Barney’s CO-OP 25th Anniversary Sunglasses

super Top 5 Innovative Eyewear
When Barney’s announced their 25th anniversary for their Co-Op line, Super jumped right in and created this great pair of sunglasses to mark the occasion.

2. Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow Cafgar Sunglasses

jeremy Top 5 Innovative Eyewear
Probably the most unique pair of sunglasses ever, you just can’t have a top 5 list without mentioning the queen of collaborations, Linda Farrow. The Cafgar just does not disappoint, with its unique gold laurel design.

1. Vintage Frames Company & Cazal 951 Mod Col 330 Vintage Sunglasses

vintageframescompany Top 5 Innovative Eyewear
Brought back from the proverbial frame grave, the Vintage Frames Company worked hard to bring back a limited amount of these once famous Cazal frames.

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Shareen Sandhu is a graduate of Carleton University with a BA in Law and Sociology, but following a career change, she decided to pursue her dream of fashion and writing. A former EveryGuyed writer and now a freelance fashion journalist, Shareen continues to pursue her love for all things trendy and tries her best to record her journey on her blog Pleats, Ruffles, Hemlines...Oh My!
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  1. Super & Barney’s CO-OP 25th Anniversary Sunglasses are amazing! Are they leather? Or is that just a print or synthetic material? How much are they? I feel like the price might make me cry….

  2. hello grant this is the link details, they have 30% disc at the moment ,just say dirtan recommened you

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