Guide To Drinking: Buying The Right Flask

Guide to Buying a Flask Guide To Drinking: Buying The Right Flask
Though for the past few decades the flask has been on the fringes of drinking culture – the signature of the alcoholic or the dandy – it has made a resounding return to the forefront of fashionable imbibing. Not only do flasks provide a discreet and cost-effective manner of carrying and consuming alcohol in public, today’s selection allows the discerning drinker to set himself apart from the beer-swilling masses. Here at Everyguyed we’ve developed a two-part series that will give you everything you need to know about finding the right flask for you (part 1), and taking care of that precious vessel for many years of drinking enjoyment (part 2).

A Brief History Of The Flask

Flasks were originally made from such unsavory materials as pigs bladders in the late Middle Ages, but the modern flask as we know it was the provenance of the early North American explorers; a means of taking their favorite tipple out with them on extended voyages into the unknown wilderness. At the time most of these flasks were made of silver, since it does not impart any flavor to the liquids that come in contact with it.

Like most things created by man, flasks quickly became elaborate vessels adorned with complex engravings, personal initials, and protective cases. A flask was always with a man, and as such it was a symbol of what the man who carried it represented. Yours should be too.

Jacob Bromwell Handmade Copper Flask

Jacob Bromwell Handmade Copper Flask Guide To Drinking: Buying The Right Flask
We would call this Handmade Copper Flask by Jacob Bromwell an ‘homage’, but it’s the real deal in terms of being era-accurate from a company that’s been in business since 1819. Made from 100% copper, this stunning flask is handcrafted by up to five individual workers. It features a hot-tinned interior to create a safe and consistent drinking experience, and an American Birch stopper to keep your precious fluid air-tight.

Fair-weather drinkers be warned: this is a flask for the finest aged whiskeys, for life-changing adventures into the unknown, and not for your local ballgame and some off-brand swill.

Specs: $149.95 USD at Kaufman Mercantile. Holds 9oz’s.

Stanley Classic Stainless Steel Flask

Stanley Hammertone Green Flask Guide To Drinking: Buying The Right Flask
Always a classic, this Stainless Steel Flask from Stanley has been a staple in campgrounds across the country for decades. Made from single-walled stainless steel and finished with a ceramic outer finish, this 8oz flask has the benefit of being both stylish and inexpensive. Features include a plastic cap-saver, wide-mouth opening for easy filling (and faster drinking), as well as space on the bottom for an engraving of your choice (initials, always). Available in red and black, we suggest the classic ‘Hammerstone Green’ pictured above.

Specs: $18.35 at Amazon. 8oz’s.

Filson Leather & Stainless Steel Flask

Filson Leather Covered Flask Guide To Drinking: Buying The Right Flask
Made from stainless steel and finished with a bridle leather covering, this 6oz flask from Filson is, and always will be, a classic. Featuring an easy-screw top with a hinged steel keeping, this flask has the benefit of being included under Filson’s famed lifetime warranty policy: should anything happen to it that compromises its use, you can head into any Filson retailer and have it replaced on the spot. Be warned though: speaking from personal experience you’re going to want to get a funnel for filling, since spilling liquor on the leather will produce stains (or character, depending on how you look at it).

Specs: $70 USD at Filson. 6oz’s.

Handmade Pewter Flask

Handmade Pewter Flask Guide To Drinking: Buying The Right Flask
Handmade in Sheffield, England, a place famous for their Pewter, this flask is simple in design but substantial in impact. Made to the highest standards and stamped with a seal of authenticity, Pewter has long been a favored material for flasks due to its low toxicity and beautiful patina. Respected when both full and when empty, this flask will last a lifetime.

Specs: $69.00 USD at Kaufmann Mercantile. Available in 4-6oz’s.

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  1. This is a great list, I particularly like the old time copper flask. You didn’t include personalized flasks though and I think they would be a great addition to your list. Thanks!

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